On a wall in HQ: Forward, not back.


On a wall in HQ: Forward, not back.

"Mom, what time do you normally go to bed?" "Midnight." "Wow! Really?? But you don’t have bags under your eyes!" "Why, thank you!" (note: check son’s eyesight) "And you are really nice and happy in the morning!"

I want my kids to start their day in a positive way, feel good, get out the door knowing they are loved. I work h-a-r-d to make that happen.  And look-y there.


New in the Obama 2012 store today: iPhone cases, made in the USA. Pick your favorite flavor.

A good night’s sleep is under-rated. I just feel FABulous.

Can a Font Help a City Make a Comeback? oh, yeah! 

Designers in Chattanooga, Tennessee have distilled the city’s burgeoning creative spirit into a typeface.

All male House panel? what? 

When the GOP defends “religious freedom,” ultraconservatives see a moral crusade, while moderates see a defense of citizens’ rights.

Pancake love.

this is the kind of week it’s been…and I know there is stuff missing…

I love maps... 


Ingenious Infographic: U.S. Highways, Mapped Like A Subway System

The graphic language of the London Underground map is so iconic that “[insert any network or process here] visualized as a London Underground map” has become a design cliché. So why are we writing about the latest iteration, a Tube-style map of U.S. interstate highways, created by Cameron Booth? Because, clichéd or not, visualizing this particular system in this way is actually damned useful.

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